Speech on my daughter Krati’s Wedding

Good Evening to you all,

Every Father knows that one day his daughter will find a great man, fly the nest and get married.  Every Father also wishes his daughter the best of luck in finding the right boy, one that will make her happy beyond belief and when the time comes, when this happens, all the Father can do is observe and hope for the best of her.  Today, that is my role.


All my Guest who are here tonight from the side of Shri Anilji Chordia and Sarojji Chordia, Friends of Aditya, from all over the world, my and Pratibha’s friends and relatives, Friends of Krati and Savi.

Tonight I am blessed and happy to be with my Mother, my in laws, my Friends and Colleagues / guests  from Dubai, Canada, America, Congo, South Africa, Bombay, Chennai, Jaipur, Delhi and most special from Uganda, where I have spent 20 years of my cream life. My school and College friends,my CA friends, my colleagues from Vikram Ispat.

You are all welcome and thank you for being with us tonight.

The moment Krati was born was one of the best days of my life.  I felt privileged to be a Father to such a beautiful baby girl.  In our family Krati is the first girl born in last 4 generations.  She is the Laxmi of our family.

Since 19th July 1991, she started growing up, learning to crawl, and then walk and talk.  Within a blink of an eye she could tie her own shoelaces and ride a bike.  She went to school one morning and the next thing that I remember her in a prom dress and now in a wedding dress.

The day Krati was born, I started dreaming and planning about her wedding.  Tonight the D-Day has come.  For all these 25 years I have been scribbling bullet points in my Diary as how different and royal her wedding should be.        

10 years before we as family had a boat ride to Jag Mandir and I promised Krati to have her wedding at Jag Mandir and today with God’s Grace, we have witnessed her wedding at this historical Palace.


Krati, I remember the day, when I first saw you and you caught my fingers tight, I remember the journey when we took you in a Video Coach to shift from Udaipur to Bombay and you were 6 months old, I remember the journey as how you grew, started walking and talking at Alibag, I remember the time at Alibag, where you       were darling, of all our neighbours, I remember days when your mother used to tie you, with a string, while she was arranging the house, I remember the days at Vikram Ispat Colony, where you used to have evening walk with me, while holding my fingers tightly, I remember the day, when we decided your name after deliberations in front of Principle of your first School Bhartiya Vidya Mandir, I remember the day when I took you, to your first day of school on Bajaj scooter, when how excited you were and soon you started crying and refused to say bye to me, when I handled you to the maid of the school.  I remember the day when you performed, first time on the stage in a fancy dress and started crying.    I remember the day when you used to sit on my lap and, report the daily event in evening.  I remember the day when we used to roam on the streets of Bombay, while you were sitted on my shoulders.  I remember how you used to show your leadership skills on your fellow colleagues in the Colony.  I remember the days when early morning you used to say “Allow me to sleep for another “0” minute”.  See how creative she was. 

I can’t forget the day when you woke up early morning, dressed up and went to see your sister Savi for the first time in the hospital, carrying a toffee for Savi who was just few hours old. 


Krati at the age of 5 years, moved with us out of India to become what she is today.  She landed in French speaking country, Congo, pushed the Dictator Mabutu out of the country and finishing the assigned task took her Dad to Kampala, Uganda so that she can study in English as she wanted to go to United Kingdom.  Krati as usual again made us proud, when she got admitted to London School of Economics.

By the time Krati was in Class X she travelled, UK, Europe, USA, Acia Pacific.  At the end Class X, we took her to various Medical and Engineering Colleagues in India.  We travelled to Ahmedabad, Bombay, Chenai, Bangalore, and Manglore to see various Colleges.

Immediately after the tour,and even before leaving India, she gave her judgment, which she kept as reserved for I don’t know for how many years.  She pronounced her verdict as:

After hearing  you all, visiting all Colleges and , cities, listening all testimonies of your idol children’s, I came to a  conclusion that I cannot go for Medical Course as I have to study for 12 years before I really make money and enjoy my life.  Also I cannot see the Blood of Others.  The Engineering Degree in India and USA takes 4 years and in United Kingdom it takes 3 years to accomplish, hence I wish to go to United Kingdom for Engineering.

By the way she had one more reason for not studying in India as she saw in Chennai all girls were coming to classes in Salvar Suits.     


Krati always have a very good clarity, on the decision making process.

Krati is quite and obedient daughter of ours.  For Miss India Uganda pageant in the year ______, she never wanted to participate but to make her Mom happy, she participated and when she was declared as runner’s up she started crying instead of getting happy.  She said to us, while crying with tears, all over – “Papa I lost it”.      


As a Indian parent, we never expect thank you from your childrens’, and that is how, we brought up, Krati and Savi, but when Krati came to Uganda, for the first time, after she joined University of Kent in United Kingdom and we celebrated her grand 18th Birthday, she said Thank you Papa, while watching the preparation a night before, I can’t forget the moment.  The next day, she gave a very touch speech, for us as a parent, in presence of 350 guests.  That’s our Krati.

Krati has no interest, in gossiping or bitching, and hence I can assure my in laws, that she will never create problems.


In December 2015, Krati wanted us to meet Aditya for a dinner in London.  My wife Pratibha, saw Aditya coming towards our table, her immediate reaction was, in sign language, by way of putting her thumbs up to all of us.

We know, when Aditya does not call Krati, in Dubai or delay in calling Krati, Krati gets frustrated.  This is the power of love.  Thank you Aditya, for being with Krati and accepting her.

Just before Krati graduating at LSE, I used to tell Pratibha you, get a boy for Krati, and I will do all the preparation for the grand wedding.    

Aditya, let me tell you a fact, I know Krati loves you but be aware that Krati loved me first.

When we introduced and declared, about Aditya coming into the life of Krati, to our family and friends, it was a vow from all of them.  All credit was given to Krati’s good nature and deed.  Krati made me feel as a proud father.    Aditya, the most effective way to remember your wedding anniversary is to forget once.


But with all the Blessing of the Almighty God, Anilji Chordia Sb called us, from India that we should come to Udaipur, and meet them, at Ranakpur Temple.  It was at Ranakpur, we both family decided that Krati and Aditya, to get married soon.  Thank you Mr. Anilji Chordia and Sarojji for accepting our daughter, as a daughter, in the way she is, and not as a daughter in law.


Ladies and Gentlemen, let me first thank Krati and Aditya, for making me the happiest, and proudest Father today.  Thank you.

Secondly, to all of you, for joining us, in our celebrations here today.  You have all helped, make it such a magnificent occasion.  I will give you, a personnel thank you, when I see you.

Let them have, every happiness imaginable, and remember we must look after them well, as it will be they who will choose my retirement home.

Last but not the least, thank you to my beloved daughter Savi for helping me in organizing this event in the way it is.  You have been a very good Secretary.

For my Dear Wife, no thank you to you, you deserve Congratulations, Congratulations and Congratulations.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please join me and Pratibha, as I wish the Bride and Groom all the happiness in the World.  The Krati and Aditya.


Krati you are my Simbha the lion king and Aditya you are our son and friend for all the years to come.

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