Rajesh Chaplot Speech during Hon. Lok Sabha Speaker OM Birla’s Uganda Visit

Rajasthani’s have been known for giving India, Businessmen with excellence, over a period of more than, last one century.

Gujarati’s have spread, all over the world in the 19th & 20th Century. And grew economically, while in the same period Rajasthani’s spread all over India & grew Economically.We as the Rajasthani’s and with the support of leaders like you, need to promote the Rajasthani’s Business houses, all over the world.

Hon. Speaker of Lok Sabha Shri OM Birlaji.,H.E the High Commissioner of India, to Uganda. Shri Ravi Shankar.
Chairman Rajasthani Association, Mr. Sachin ShahAll advisors of Rajasthani Association.Hon. Sanjay Tanna,
Chairman Indian Association, Secretary General, Indian Business Forum,Chairwoman Indian Women Association.All present Distinguished Guests.And last but not least the Beautiful Ladies in Rajasthani Attire.

A Very Good morning to you all.

Hon. Shri Om Birlaji, it is my proud privilege to welcome you to this country and, among your own people from Rajasthan.We the Rajasthani’s feel proud of you and we congratulate you on the very, successful and Historic 1 session of this parliament, under your Leadership.

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for Giving me the time to see you in your office at Parliament on 9th August, 2019. This was the First time; I have put my foot in Parliament.
I wish I would also get a term in the Parliament soon with your blessing Sir.

Let me brief you on some interesting facts about Uganda.Uganda is among the only few countries in the world, where the First Speaker of Parliament, was of Indian Origin. He was Hon. Mr. Narendra Patel. It was my honor, to host him few years before, when he visited Uganda after many years of stay in UK.

Ugandan Parliament, has been represented by, two more persons of Indian Origin, Hon Sanjay Tanna and Hon. Parminder katongole. Hon Sanjay Tanna was member of Parliament of Uganda, for consecutive two terms.
As an Indian Association Chairman in the year 2012, I also had the privilege to host Hon. Mira Kumar, the then Speaker of Lok Sabha of India. And now today, I am standing here to welcome you Sir.

Hon. Sir, now let me elaborate, few propositions of us.

1. There are approximately 3 Crore NRI residing in approximately 208 countries. From centuries, NRI have been making tremendous contributions, to their Janam Bhoomi, while serving in their respective Karan Bhoomi.

For all the past 70 years, NRI was a neglected Community as far as Government of India is concerned. But since 2014, Hon Narendra Modi, have started personal interaction with Indian Diaspora around the Globe & this has enhanced India’s Image High Internationally, as well as back home.
NRI cannot be considered as Brain Drain for India, we are assets for India, which never depreciates.

Since 2014, we have seen and observed, the shift in the Government policy towards NRI. Today we feel that Government thinks and cares about us directly or indirectly, we are Ambassadors of India, and play a significant role, in India ’s Foreign Diplomacy. We NRI’s have always kept, India’s Flag High, in all circumstances. We also play important role, in bringing FDI into India. The amount of saving, we all NRI bring back in India, as Foreign Exchange, also has its own impact.

With all the contributions, we as the NRI feel strongly, that we need to contribute to our motherland, politically or in policy making and hence we propose, two (2) Rajaya Sabha seats, to be reserved and nominated, from NRI Community around the world.

Currently 12 seats in Rajiya Sabha are Nominated by the President of India for their Contribution to Art, Science, Literature and Social service.

Also, there are 2 seats reserved for Anglo Indians in the Lower House in India’s Parliament.We strongly feel, that a strong contingent of 3 Crore people, around the Globe, also need a good representation, in the Parliament of India.

To give examples, there are some countries in the world, like France and Italy, who have representatives of their diaspora, in their parliament.

Having said this, about NRI representation in India, we also wish and put our strong case, to get first representative from Uganda to the Parliament of India.

2. Also, we have noted there are many political appointee positions, we have back at home in India. Even some, High Commissioners, are appointed directly. We strongly recommend, some NRI Representation, in such political appointees.

Now one request for our Ugandan Brothers,

3. Uganda National Sports Authority, have recognized recently, Kabbadi Federation of Uganda. But due to, lack of Funds, this Sport of ours is not able to take off properly. National Team of Uganda Kabbadi, has been selected and formed. But it needs some support, and I strongly feel, that Government of India, needs to support this Traditional sport of ours to, prosper in Uganda.
We need your Advice Sir.

Promotion of Art and Culture.

4. Government of India establishes The Indian Council of Cultural relations Centre (ICCR) Centre, in many countries outside India.

30 thousand NRI residing in this country, called Pearl of Africa, request your good office, to help us in the allocation one such. ICCR Centre in Uganda, from the Government of India.

5. Two Humble request for Rajasthani Association, Uganda

a) Sir, in the next session of parliament, we wish to bring a small delegation of fellow Rajasthani’s from Uganda to see and watch the proceedings of the Parliament from the visiting Gallery.

b) We have been hearing about Rajasthan Foundation, a Government entity in Rajasthan for promoting Rajasthan and Rajasthani’s outside Rajasthan. We need your advice as how to get support from this foundation or from any such other NGO for Rajasthani Association Uganda.

End Part.

With this wish list of us, we wish, your visit to Uganda, a great Success.
We in Uganda say, whoever drinks water of River Nile, will visit Uganda again.

So, see you again soon.

But before I leave the Podium, I need to Thank our High Commissioner H.E Shri. Ravi Shankar in your presence for helping us and guiding us in arranging this Breakfast meeting of today.
Also, would like to Thank him from our heart for all his support to Rajasthani Association and its members during his past 2 and half years of his Tenure.

Jai Hind.

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