Back at Home in India, second wave of Covid-19 is a disaster, not just for the country but for the whole world.

India’s medical systems is overwhelmed but not collapsed as said in various International & National Media. Situation of India’s medical system was same as that of USA, UK & Italy during the first wave. Media at that time was portraying that medical systems of these countries were overwhelmed, but now for India’s case Media says medical system has collapsed.

During the First wave, there were countries in the world, where hospitals made a policy, of not treating old people on priority.

At least India has not discriminated them, even when the whole health care system is overwhelmed.

Nobody raised questions on such policy of those Governments then.

We can be critical of the Indian Government response to the pandemic, but with a population of 1.2 billion, and also being a democratic society it is not an easy task for its health care systems.

In India Covid Death/ million is 204 as compared to 1800/ Million in USA.

When India’s GDP is USD 6,920 per capita as compared to USD 66,080 per Capita for USA yet media claims” India is failing”

There is no doubt, that there were lapses in the Health care system of India. Also, official figures of Death may look to be understated, but still India’s effort in fighting covid is significant.

We all need to understand, whatever health facility any country may have, it is not possible to handle a pandemic of this magnitude. It is only our social habits & behavior that can save us from this covid-19 Pandemic. We need to learn to equally blame us.

Original Corona is stateless but the variant that mutated in India is called “Indian Variant”. Back at home we are calling the B.1617 Variant of the corona as “Indian Variant” and thus the public around the Globe are using the same terminology.

When EX- President of USA called the virus as “Chinese virus”, China strongly opposed it & some of us also joined China in criticizing him, which is perfectly ok.  But now we have no problem to call the daughter of original virus as ‘Indian Variant” or UK Variant or south Africa Variant.

So let us fight Covid together, while maintaining the dignity of our Janam Bhoomi- India.

Rajesh Chaplot

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